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TrulyMine Cookie Information

TrulyMine Cookie Information

TrulyMine Cookie Information

Trulymine.ink uses browser cookies to deliver useful features, connect with you through online media and collect valuable feedback. We are an online business and we rely on cookies to understand our customers and to provide the best possible services - just like any good shop keeper would do. Please, read through this document to better understand what data we collect, why we do it and how it relates to your visit on our site.

We use three kinds of cookies: so-called First Party cookie, Analytical cookies and Advertising cookies (3rd party cookies). Data from the 1st party cookie is not transmitted or resold to any third parties, unless we are required to do so by law. Data from 3rd party cookies are kept with the respective owners of the cookies or the beacons. They are not allowed to resell or transfer that data to other parties or advertisers unless it is required by law. 3rd party cookies are used to provide measurement services and ad targeting. You can learn how to opt out from each of the services below in the detailed breakdown of our cookie use.

First Party Cookie

Our own TrulyMine cookie enables us to save your notebook even if you are not logged in. This means that when you come back to trulymine.ink you don’t have to start over if you have already begun creating a notebook. We think this is a crucial feature because most people take multiple sessions to fine-tune their notebook. More on this later. We also remember some other preferences, mostly not to confuse you with a customer who has never been to our site before. Showing you around again and again would feel awkward. These preferences are tied to your browser, unless you are logged in. If you come from a new device or browser, we won’t recognize you. We do not collect any personally identifiable information.

The TrulyMine cookie is an essential cookie for the functioning of our site. If you set your browser preferences to block all cookies, you will not be able to order a notebook, because we need to save the results of your customization and tie it to your order. If you block all cookies by default, please consult your browser preferences to whitelist our site.

If you would like to keep your unfinished notebook hidden, because you are sharing your computer, we recommend you to create an account and keep the notebook hidden behind a password. This way, there are no ruined surprises, no revealed secrets.

Analytical Cookies

We use a different set of cookies to analyze the behaviour of visitors in our store. We have designed the website in a way that we believe is the most useful and versatile. However we always want to learn about what works well and what obstacles to the experience were unintentionally created. Is everything clearly visible on the shelves of our library? How long does it take to go through the creation process? Is this important button visible enough? These are the questions we are asking and analytical tools help us answer these questions. No worries, we have taken statistics classes and we understand that this data only makes sense in large volumes. There is not much significance in individual behavior on our site, so again: we do not need or collect any personally identifiable data. If you are a UX designer and you would like to give us personal feedback, please send us an email to hello@trulymine.ink

These are the services, whose cookies help us analyze the functioning of the site:

Google Analytics

This is the world renowned analytical tool that allows us to see where are people coming from to our site and what content they see and interact with. Google Analytics also gives us aggregate demographic data about the users. This information comes from Google’s own data and algorithms. To learn about the data privacy of Google Analytics, please refer to this page: https://support.google.com/analytics/topic/2919631?hl=en&ref_topic=1008008

To opt-out from Google Analytics usage, please install their browser add-on: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


Hotjar is a tool that records samples of behavior of random users on our sites in realtime. It records mouse movement, scrolling and clicks overlaid on the website content. It is a great tool to know if users are understanding the user interface and whether they keep searching for content or buttons. Just like a good shop assistant, we are aware of our customers movement. And since there is no way to steal notebooks from our store - it is all in the best of intentions of being helpful! TrulyMine does not have access to your IP address or any other personally identifiable information. We do not record keystrokes, so we cannot see if you write in your login, address, or other credentials.

Learn more about Hotjar’s privacy and security policy here: http://docs.hotjar.com/docs/data-safety-and-security

To make sure Hotjar doesn’t record your sessions, you can learn how to opt-out on this link:


Advertising Cookies

Yes, we do use advertising cookies. They mostly help us with the so-called retargeting. Once you visit our site, you might see ad messages from us on various places on the internet. Mostly Facebook posts and eventually some banner ads. Here is the motivation behind: Creating a TrulyMine notebook is not a casual purchase and it sometimes takes time for users to create it. By letting us to retarget you, we will be able to remind you that you can come back to TrulyMine and finish your order.

We work hard to stay creative and interesting and so we hope that this advertising will be of added value. We do not like repetitive ads ourselves. We use advanced techniques to deliver personalized messages depending on your past behaviour on our site. In practice, we will have knowledge of what content you have viewed and what layouts you have added into your notebook. We will know what type of device you used and how far into the process you are.

We will NOT know who you are. We will NOT be able to target you personally. All data collected is siloed on our ad tech providers servers. Advertising companies do not allow their clients and partners to access raw data - Targeting options are only available through vague interfaces, that allow us to work with anonymous, unidentifiable and rather large groups of people.

If you find our advertising boring, ugly, unoriginal, repetitive or uninteresting, please write us an email first (hello@trulymine.ink), so we have a chance to improve ourselves. If you block our ads, other ads will fill that space in a matter of seconds.

These are the ad tech companies whose services we currently use. They all serve their cookies on our site and we use “web beacons” or “pixels” to collect granular data about events on the site.


We mostly use Facebook ads. We have a hypothesis that when users spend time on Facebook, it means they probably have enough of free time to create their TrulyMine. We don’t want anyone to forego their work duties to shop with us!

We use Facebook ads to target users anonymously based on the specific actions done on our site. We also measure the performance of ads by detecting purchases and other valuable conversions.

Please bear in mind, that Facebook is able to connect any information collected in various places under your login. They collect data of your behaviour on our site, on Facebook and other places and aggregate it. If you’d like to learn more, you can consult their vast data policy on this link: https://www.facebook.com/policy.php or more specifically concerning the use of cookies on this page: https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies/update

You can opt-out of Facebook interest ads through Ad Choices, alongside other services: http://www.aboutads.info/choices/

Google Adwords

Adwords is a tool to buy and serve banner ads. We use this occasionally to inform you about new products or to remind you to visit us again. These ads are triggered automatically and we have no information about who has seen these ads. The ads usually use targeting based on specific actions done on our site. We also track conversions to measure the effectivity of our ads. This enables us to deliver better ads to you.

You can read more about Google’s cookie policy here: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/?fg=1

You can opt-out of Google’s interest advertising through Ad Choices, alongside other services: http://www.aboutads.info/choices/


Adform is a Demand Side Platform that allows us to buy ads on various ad exchanges. It doesn’t collect any personally identifiable or sensitive information. It does enable us to deliver personalized ads based on what content you have seen, but we have no information of who you are and whether you will be shown an ad or not.

You can read their clear privacy policy on this link: http://site.adform.com/privacy-policy/en/

You can also opt-out of their services by clicking the big button on top on the same site!

Staying informed, staying in control

We are glad that the discussion about digital privacy is taking place. Internet services and commerce have overtaken our world very quickly. We have all got used to the benefits of it, but only few actually understand what is really happening under the hood and some internet companies and governments have started taking advantage of this in a parasitical way.

We liken the use of analytical tools to the interactions in a physical store. But in the physical store you can clearly see the environment - you see if the clerk follows you, or is asking you private questions. You can see the cameras on the walls and in-store promotion is in a clear context of your visit. In a virtual store, it is hard to know how closely is the store owner watching. That’s why you should care about online privacy.

Some advertising is intrusive, contains malware or just slows down the connection. But blocking all ads without a twitch is not the way to go. Most of your favorite sites rely on advertising and the use of adblockers hurts their creators, staff and freedom. It is better to get informed first and only block the bad advertising and bad cookies, that ones you feel threatened by.

One of the great tools to learn about the ecosystem surrounding data collection is Ghostery. It is a browser plugin that shows you what tools and services are running on each site that you visit. And you can decide to block these services on one by one basis. You can use Ghostery to check if the companies you deal with are honest with their data collection and you can use it to understand what partners collect data on different publishers’ sites.

You can learn more about Ghostery or download it here: https://www.ghostery.com

Remember, cookies make internet sites better in many aspects. Either by directly customizing them to match your preference, by providing feedback to their creators or by making them profitable through advertising. Stay informed about the current practices to be on top of privacy debates on large scale. Learn about encryption to hide sensitive information that really matters to you. Police states and social engineers are bigger threat than NASDAQ companies and small e-commerce sites like ours.

Thank you for reading and for accepting the use of our cookies.

This document was written by Erik Werner, co-founder of TrulyMine who is also responsible for the analytical and ad tech deployed on this site. Write me a message at erik@trulymine.ink if you want to learn more!

This document reflects trulymine.ink´scookie use as of 22th April 2016.

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