Notebooks customized page by page with content that matters.

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Your notebook. Your structure.

Every TrulyMine notebook is unique down to each page, because you create it yourself for the ultimate fit. With TrulyMine, you can finally expect more from your notebook: a companion who shares your lifestyle and makes you do great things.

You are only a few clicks away: Enter our online workshop, select the layouts of your choice, select the number of pages and set their order. It is easy to combine the layouts and get the notebook structured your way. We will take care of the rest and deliver to you a TrulyMine notebook for a perfect pen and paper experience.

...and yes, it you can do it on mobile, but desktop makes it much easier

Fine-tune your notebook to perfection.

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Rich layout library.

Our Layout Library is the beginning of a journey towards your TrulyMine notebook. Layouts are the building blocks of a TrulyMine and we give you plenty of options to choose from.

Start simply by choosing from a variety of calendars, blank pages or other notebook essentials, or start with one of our template notebooks. But don’t stop there. Fill your notebook with great content and turn it into a teacher, a trainer or an advisor. We have layouts for work and free time, for learning, progress tracking or keeping odd notes, for your court, kitchen or AeroPress or online campaign. A notebook is now much more than just a stack of papers, so let TrulyMine accompany you through day and night!

Explore beautiful layouts

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Reflected personality.

Sometimes you need a coach, sometimes a personal assistant and sometimes a confessor. Balance your pages in TrulyMine to create a unique mix of all. Create a perfect soulmate that will help you plan, dream, learn or reflect in your natural way.

Start with our pre-set notebooks and adjust them to fit your personality.

Meet your life companion.

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Physically fit.

160, numbered A5 pages offer plenty of space for your notes, thoughts and sketches.

The 120g FSC certified Munken creamy paper is loved by fountain pens, ballpoints and even pencils!

Reclosable spine makes it easy to archive individual sheets.

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